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Keratin Lash Lift

Keratin Lash Lift

Lash Lifting Treatment in Richmond: A Simple Way to Get the Hooded Eyes You Always Desired!

No matter what the trend is, a pair of long, naturally curved eyelashes is what most women prefer. In order to acquire that effect, women mostly resort to wearing mascara or false lashes. But, going through such a process on an everyday basis can be time-consuming and inconvenient. Eyelash lifting, which is very much trending in Richmond, turns out as a solution to such a predicament. Let us find out more about the treatment.

What is lash lifting treatment?

Eyelash Lifting is a treatment that lengthens and creates a slight upward curve in a natural and lasting way, achieving greater length and thickness. This is possible thanks to a new technology, in which special silicone pads are used, which fit the eyelid nicely. The unique formula of the lifting gel achieves an absolute stretch from the root to the tips.

After the lash lifting, the natural eyelashes will appear visibly denser and longer without resorting to extensions, it creates an effect of greater length and thickness reaching all the hairs even the shortest.

How does the lash lifting in Richmond unfold?

The lash lifting procedure in Richmond consists of very simple steps. At first, the client is requested to keep the eyes closed, so the whole procedure can be started. Silicon pads are placed at the eyelids whereas stickers are placed below the eye to protect them while the ongoing treatment.

The specialist will choose the silicone pad that best suits your eyelashes, proceeds to lift the eyelashes upwards with the help of a brush and an adhesive. Once all the eyelashes of both eyes get attached to the silicone, we will apply a curling gel for a corresponding time. After that, it is cleaned and a fixative is applied for the same time, which is then followed by an eyelash dye and finally a nourishing cream enriched with various nutrients to soften and condition the lashes. We will clean and carefully remove the silicone pad with the help of our cleaner. After that final step, your eyelashes will look long and curled for more than 8 weeks.

Lash Lift Perm
How much time does it take to finish the lash lifting in Richmond?

It takes nearly 45-60 minutes to complete the whole procedure depending on the type of lashes. At Ibrow & Lashes, our specialists Kavita and Mauli with their immense experience and knowledge will be there to aid through the whole procedure in a very skilful and professional manner. Your natural eyelashes are not damaged and your look will be perfect 24 hours a day.

How to maintain the effect of the lash lifting for a longer duration?

For maximum durability avoid using make-up or getting in contact with saunas, vapours and water during the first 48hrs. However, after that, one can continue with the usual make-up regime without causing any harm to the lifted eyelashes.

Is it safe?

It is not an invasive treatment and with the proper precautions and care taken here, at Ibrow and Lashes, the lash lifting treatment in Richmond is a relatively easy and safe process.

Benefits of Lash Lifting in Richmond:
  • - Natural result
  • - Eyelashes do not curl with this treatment, they rise from the root giving a natural curve and dark, long appearance by the dye that is applied at the end
  • - It is done by trained and certified professionals, so it is considered safe
  • - Does not damage your natural eyelashes
  • - The Serum used at the final stage of the treatment contains nutrition and conditioning that take care of the eyelashes during the process
  • - No maintenance or care is required after swimming or showering and makeup can be used without problems
  • - Suitable for short or long eyelashes
  • - Suitable for both men and women.

Lash Lift is a low maintenance treatment that curls and lift your natural lashes in an upward position. It is a bra push up for lashes. It enhances the length and the shape of your natural lashes. Say goodbye to your lash curler.

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