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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

The use of false eyelashes or extensions to increase and highlight the look is a beauty trend that in recent years has become a fashion cult and a must-have for women who desire to look glamorous. Before, these were only used for theatrical or editorial use for fashion productions. Today, lash extensions in Richmond are regarded as an indispensable beauty accessory.

These are of two types: false eyelashes and eyelash extensions. The difference between the two kinds is that the false eyelashes, which can be from hair to hair or the entire strip, are put on for a specific occasion and then removed or left alone after temporary use for some time, while the extensions last for three to four weeks and they take aid of real lashes to stick the extensions, i.e. hair by hair.

Mostly, the eyelash extension ismostly made of silk, mink hair or polyester but at Ibrow and Lash, we use only silk eyelash extensionsso as not to damage your natural eyelashes and gain greater product quality.

  • What do you have to take into account while going to try eyelash extensions for the first time?

    As an important point, it is essential to have natural eyelashes where the hair extension can adhere well since these will always be attached to the natural eyelash.

  • What materials are applied during the lash extensions in Richmond?

    For the application of eyelash extensions, the required accessories are the hair chosen by the client, the glue, a primer, the sealer and patches are used.

  • What care should be taken with the eyelash extensions?

    Here, after placement of lash extensions in Richmond, we recommend keeping them away from water. We also suggest our clients to not rub the eyes after the extensions are placed and to avoid saunas or steam baths. It is also important to remember to avoid creams, oils or make-up removers in the extensions. You only have to brush them if necessary and it is not advisable to use the mascara, and if applied, make it special for extensions. For long-lasting results, we would suggest you redo the lash extensions on every three to four weeks.


Depending on your eye shape and your taste, you can find different types of volumes and lengths in lash extensions in Richmond. The types of eye lashes available at Ibrow and Lashes are:

Classic Eyelash Extensions: The look provided by our classic eyelash extension is similar to that achieved with mascara. The result is very natural, with an extension for each of your natural eyelashes. If you are looking for a discreet and natural look without too much volume, 1D is perfect for you.

Russian Volume Extensions: If you love volume, you will love our Russian volume extensions. They are shocking and fabulous. With a wide variety in volume starting from 2D to 7D, your eyes can acquire a dramatic appearance based on your requirement. This extra density is achieved by placing two to seven extensions (as per requirement) for each natural tab instead of one. These extensions are ultra-thin so as not to damage the hair with its weight and have greater comfort. They are the lightest yet the most effective means to give your eyes the drama and definition you crave.

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions: Hybrid eyelash extensions are customized by mixing the classic and Russian volume extensions together as per your requirement.The diameter of each eyelash will be much thinner so as not to overload the natural ones and achieve an effect full of glamour.

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Eyelash Extensions